Unlock Your Highest Potential.


Noa Coach is the first AI-powered coaching platform designed for use at work to support in reducing stress while increasing happiness and productivity.

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Use Noa’s tailored coaching techniques and personalised reflection to unlock your full potential, work on personal development and achieve your goals – either in the workplace or in life. Whether you are new to the workforce, a proven high performer, a manager, an intern, a business owner, an entrepreneur or someone trying to figure out how to develop your skills, grow in your career and take control of your life – this app is for you.

Most importantly, Noa is totally anonymous, secure and available to you 24/7 – anywhere, any time!

Noa’s impressive features include:

De-Stress: Our premium coaching solution using our in-house conversational AI engine, it will help you reset your mind in just a few minutes when you’re experiencing strong emotions. De-Stress helps you hit the pause button so you can take control and choose how to respond, rather than how to react.

Challenges: A weekly selection of wellbeing activities based on the latest neuroscience to help you create healthy habits, enhance productivity and focus. Pick and choose which challenges you would like to complete to suit your lifestyle and schedule.  There is also a Wellbeing Checkin assessment you can do regularly to track your progress

Ai Advice: From time management techniques to effective communication strategies, Ai Advice equips you with the tools necessary to excel in all your endeavours. With every interaction, Ai Advice becomes more attuned to your unique personality which allows for an increasingly personalised coaching experience. It provides quick answers and simple conversation to help you feel relaxed and stay focused.

Community: Your own online community with moderated group discussions, trending topics and a place to connect and share information. Pick a username to give you the freedom of anonymity while learning from and sharing with other like-minded people.

Notes: You can save your Ai-Advice and De-Stress learnings in Notes to look back on, while also using this feature for free flow writing, journaling and reflecting

Noa is the most powerful tool you could have in your back pocket in today’s fast-paced world to help bolster your self-improvement, create successful habits and reinforce a resilient and positive mindset.

Just a few minutes a day spent interacting with Noa can help you boost your self-awareness, gain clarity and take control of your direction in life. The more time you spend chatting and reflecting with Noa, the more tailored it will grow to be to provide you with the best personalised tips, feedback and encouragement.