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Holistified Appointments and One-to-One Sessions

Find the right Holistified Appointments and One-to-One Sessions for You

Holistified offers a host of wellness appointments and one-to-one sessions. We work with best-in-class Holistic Medical Doctors, Wellness Practitioners, Therapists and Coaches across the eight pillars of wellness to bring you the best wellness offerings together on one dedicated and simplified platform. Holistified is all about bringing wellness offerings onto one easy to navigate space, saving you time and effort on your wellness journey. We only work with highly skilled and licensed professionals, ensuring that you have access to the credible wellness offerings, available both online and offline near you.

Our Appointments and One-to-One Medical, Therapy and Coaching Services include:


Where are Holistified Appointments and One-to-One Sessions held?

Holistified offers both online and online appointments and one-to-one sessions.

How long does a Holistified Appointment or One-to-One Session last?

Typically, sessions last 60 to 90-minutes

How can I choose the right Relationship Therapist or Coach for me?

Holistified ‘s platform allows you to search and find appointments and one-to-one sessions by qualified and licensed professionals on one dedicated platform without conducting stressful and complicated online searches. You can book a free online or offline consultation with our Therapists and Coaches, ensuring that you choose the right fit for you.

How do I schedule an appointment or one-to-one session?

Simply select the Therapist or Coach you wish to contact and you will be given a selection of options which include Call / Email / WhatsApp / Booking Free Consultation as options for you to choose from. Once you decide to make a booking to commence your paid sessions, you simply select Book and make your online payment, which will be followed by a booking confirmation sent to you by email.