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Best Talk in Town

Dating, relationships, breaking the walls around your comfort zone are my specialty.

I am a certified wellness coach, I use Human Design as a self-development tool with part of my clients, I am a TikTok content creator, blogger, I create wellness corporate programs and I also organize amazing wellness events and retreats. 

After two decades of experiences, trauma, mistakes, lessons learned, and dysfunctional but also successful relationships, my mission is to spread positivity, give hope, support, help, and empower men and women on their life journey.

With my knowledge, experience, commitment and guidance, we will team up and find answers to your questions. We will find clarity and get to the end of that tunnel where there is always light. Whether single, dating, in a relationship, married, or separated, my approach is goal-oriented and future-thinking, which will deliver structure, achievements, and powerful results at a time when all these may be lacking.

About Iris in a nutshell

I am a Romanian girl living in beautiful and sunny Dubai and am the proud owner of two one-way tickets. I believe we are the creators and designers of our own lives, but to achieve great things and create the life we dream of, we must break those walls and get out of our comfort zone. And magic will happen. I have danced salsa for 14 years; I’m a coffee and wine aficionado. I write, podcast, cook, love traveling, and go out with my friends in my free time. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Love, Iris