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5 Ways to Start Improving Your Growth Mindset

Written By: Nassima Menari

We all know that by approaching what we do holistically, a sense of well-being will enhance our lives. Although, if we’re honest, the path to wellness can be daunting, not to mention overwhelming.

You want to make a change. You want to do the right thing. But how can you put one foot in front of the other? Where is the best place to start?

As a Mindset Expert and Business Start-up Mentor, I am dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs to overcome self-doubt and build their dream businesses with clarity.

Overall, I believe in the power of mindset. It has been key to the success of my clients. I’ve had extremely motivated women enrol for my coaching programme who were terrified that they wouldn’t fulfil their dreams because they didn’t have a strong enough skillset.

But a skillset is about capabilities and a mindset is about belief systems. You could have the most robust skill set and years of experience under your belt, but if your mindset is negative, self-critical and unfocused, you will certainly struggle to succeed.

On the flip side, a strong mindset will allow you to continually develop your skillset. The formula is a winner!

Improve your Growth Mindset

Getting into the right mindset is a beautiful and rewarding journey. If you fall into the trap of having a fixed mindset that settles into what is working for you, you’ll find it difficult to make changes and evolve.

What we do together is create a growth mindset by empowering your belief system. This way, you allow yourself the opportunity to drastically change your entire experience of your inner world and the world around you.

Here are 5 ways to start improving your growth mindset:

Change the Narrative

If you’re starting a new project, don’t think, “I hope this will be easy for me.” Instead, open yourself up to thinking, “This will be interesting!”

If you receive negative feedback, don’t kick yourself and say, “This proves I am rubbish.” See it as an opportunity and say, “Okay, I’m excited to get back to work and learn more.”

With a fixed mindset approach, it’s easy to attribute success and failure to inherent ability. You may look for reassurance by doing things you know you’re comfortable with.

A growth mindset leads you to take inspired action in your work and look at challenges as learning curves.

Seek Feedback

Whether you view a recent project as a success or not, seeking feedback from people you worked with is a great way to develop a growth mindset.

They may give you insight into where you’ve developed or what needs improvement. You might receive a welcome vote of confidence or a better understanding of how to make positive changes.

Learn Something New

From yoga to salsa, from netball to learning a musical instrument, challenge yourself to learn something that you’re not already good at. What about a new language? Creative writing? The basics of economics?

This will shift you out of your comfort zone whilst keeping you focused during the time you’ve specially carved out for yourself to learn.

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

You won’t get everything right the first time you try. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself the space to make errors, and then learn from them.

Mistakes are necessary and should be seen as positive rather than negative. They are all part of the learning process. You can only identify any weakness or lack of understanding by making a mistake.

Ask yourself this; if you saw somebody fail at a task that you know inside out, would you tell them they’re useless or encourage them to learn?

Welcome a Life of Wellness

Opening yourself to holistic ways means you want to transform and develop. I recently launched, Holistified, a specialist platform that unites wellness experiences and ethical and wellness products with wellness seekers and the conscious shopper.

By visiting holistified.com you can immediately find one-to-one and bespoke offerings, classes, workshops, events, courses and retreats.

Ethically sourced items are available in the online shop, too. You can be sure, if it’s happening and it’s holistic, it’s listed.

Over the past year, I have been dedicated to ensuring that holistified.com will empower its users with the best tools to cultivate well-being and connect to mind, body and soul. Did I make mistakes? Many! Am I learning every day? Of course!

Simply put, a Holistified lifestyle is about creating a better you. A more informed you. It is about discovering your highest potential. I have had to dig deep and ask myself so many questions in order to understand the importance of wellness in the community and lifestyle. And, as for all business owners, it’s an ongoing work in progress.

As Marilyn Monroe famously said, “A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows she has none.” Being a boss should not be seen as a job. It’s a mindset.

And whether you’re the CEO of a company or head of your household, any type of boss cannot be fixed within their thinking. So open yourself up to all the possibilities out there, believe you can…and you will.

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