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Hormonal Imbalance: Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

Written By: Grow With The Flow

Hormonal Imbalances: Don’t shoot the messenger!

I think one of the biggest takeaways to understand here is that HORMONES ARE JUST THE MESSENGERS!

When treating hormonal imbalances or imbalances in general we need to look at where it is coming from.

The gut and liver are our two fundamental organs when it comes to balancing in the body. Hormone balance is one function that is especially dependent on a healthy liver and gut.

When the gut and the liver are at their best, they make sure that the good stuff is absorbed by your body and the bad stuff is removed.

If not, then these toxins and excess hormones get reabsorbed back into your system.

Then, we are left feeling fatigued, imbalanced, feeling down, bloated, and tired. We will also have issues with our thyroid, weight gain, low sex drive, metabolism, and conditions like PCOS etc.

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What happens when the liver and gut are not working properly?

When the liver and gut are not working properly, this whole process becomes more inefficient.

Your blood absorbs fewer nutrients, and toxins are now able to make their way into the bloodstream, where they can then be transported around the body.

Toxins on the move can lead to cellular problems, which can lead to organ problems, which can then lead to disease.

When you eat, the stomach and small intestines help the nutrients coming in to be absorbed by your bloodstream.

It then transports them to the areas of the body where they are used to create the essential components of life – hormones, enzymes, and the energy you need to thrive throughout the day.

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On the other side of the equation, there are the things your body needs to get rid of.

These include the toxins you ingest from food, the environment, what you put on your skin, your household cooking and cleaning items, or the hormones that have been broken down and are no longer needed.

The liver removes toxins from the blood, breaks them down into a water-soluble form, and then dumps them into the gut, where the large intestine filters them out of the body.

So, imagine when these systems are not functioning efficiently, we can’t rid the body of unwanted toxins and they get reabsorbed back into your system.

So when it comes to hormonal balance, the first thing I do is trace where is it coming from, the liver, thyroid, gut, all? Once you know the root cause you can start repairing the core.


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