Unlock Your Highest Potential.


Gifted by her grandmother, Sonal Kapadia is the Founder & Director of Eternal Wellness. She believes that our universe speaks to us at all times in subtle signs, and all we need to do is ‘Be Open To Receive’ this guidance.

Sonal has been practicing, conducting workshops and organizing private or corporate events since 2017. Her specialties are:

1. Tarot Reading
2. Akashic Records Reading & Healing
3. Light Energy & Perception Healing
4. Chakra Crystals & Sound Healing
5. Theta Healing
6. Past Life Regression Healing
7. NLP Practitioner & Coach
8. Chakra Astrology 
9. Customized Crystal Healing Bracelets

She has amalgamated all her knowledge, blending intuitive capabilities with rational approach and created her own method that brings powerful healing. Her Solutions are BOTH Simple & Easy To Follow! 

Her Motto is ‘Making A Difference’

WELCOME to the world of Eternal Wellness!