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Black Onyx 7 Chakra Bracelet

Black Onyx 7 Chakras Crystal Bracelet for holistic healing!

Grounding and balance all chakras

Natural crystals clear flow of energy in your body

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99 AED

Product Description
Benefits of Black Onyx  
    • Supports in difficult times, clears karmic pattern, wards off evil eye, helps learn lessons, be at ease and master one’s destiny.
    • It centers your yin-yang energy and aligns you with Divine guidance while working on your Root chakra.
    • It helps you maintain your secrets, stores memories of the wearer and used in spiritual healing and physical trauma.
    • It anchors you via self-control and teaches you to overcome fear and worries, it provides clarity in conflicting situations that enable you to attract wealth and good fortune.
    • Aids in eliminating body wastes, absorb nutrients, epilepsy, glaucoma, cell repair and regeneration, hearing and sensory organs, child birth, teeth, soft tissues, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders and the feet, cool lust and support chastity.
How to find your bracelet size?
Please measure your Wrist Size in inches (in) or centimeters (cms) + Add the Desired Comfort in inches (in) or centimeters (cms) = Bracelet Size as per Sizing Chart
Snug - 0.25 in or .64 cms
Comfort - 0.5 in or 1.27 cms
Loose - 0.75 in or 1.91 cms
6 in or 15.24 cms - Double Extra Small
6.5 in or 16.5 cms - Extra Small
7 in or 17.8 cms- Small
7.5 in or 19.1 cms- Medium (Standard)
8 in or 20.3 cms- Large
8.5 in or 21.6 cms - Extra Large
Please Note:
1. It is mandatory to select a size, to ensure we both save time & money in returns & shipping costs
2. As this is handmade product, the sizes are approximate
Terms & Conditions
  • All our jewelry products are handmade with love and natural, so there may be slight variations in colour, pattern, weight and size
  • Visual representation may be slightly different due to photography and editing
  • Natural crystals may have slight inclusions or visible layers due to their formation process and crystallizing
  • These holistic products are not a replacement for professional medical advice or medications
  • Terms and conditions as mentioned on our website www.eternalwellnessstore.com apply
Refund Policy
  • Goods once sold are non-refundable or non-returnable, unless there is a damage in transit in which case the product is replaced
  • Products are verified for quality & due diligence is followed for packaging. Hence, strong evidence is required to process a replacement. Kindly WhatsApp +971525336639 immediately upon damaged product receipt
  • Kindly contact [email protected] for further information

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