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Your Route To Happiness

Written By: Amaal Ghadieh

About the Author:

Amaal Ghadieh is a licensed Award winning ABNLP Master Timeline Therapist, Master NLP Practitioner, and Master Hypnotherapist. She helps individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through proven methods such as hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and Timeline Therapy. Moreover, she is a licensed practitioner for the Fast ForWord® program, which is aimed at enhancing cognitive skills in....

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The biggest present you can give yourself is happiness. When you are satisfied with yourself, you radiate positive feelings. Achieving happiness has a domino effect as you pass on your positive energy to those that you meet throughout the day.

The only way that anyone can fill the lives of others with brightness is by shining bright themselves. To attain complete self-satisfaction, you can be on your route to happiness with Amaal.

Be The Best Version Of Yourself With A Life Coach

The greatest issue that people have is that they believe they have to be independent. However, the reality is that humans are created in a manner that they need to rely on each other.

If you think there is no one to listen to you or understand what you are going through, then you are not alone. Millions of people are going through these same feeling at this exact moment.

However, with a professional life coach, you can make sure that you always have someone that can provide you with the assistance you may need in your life.

Advantages of having a life coach

Whether you need help making a crucial life-altering decision about your career or you need to figure out the road that your relationship takes, a professional life coach can be beneficial for you.

The advantages of having a life coach as your fallback cushion are many. Here are some of the advantages you can gain if you have a life coach:

  • Find your purpose
  • Build mental resilience and strength to encourage others
  • Assist yourself and others
  • Boost self-esteem and alter self-image
  • Be motivated and confident
  • Expand your skills and limitations

Lift Yourself Up Through Life Advice

With a life coach, you can create major improvements in your professional or social life. You can work on yourself and finally stop faking your smile.

There are many ways through which a professional life coach can help you feel vibrant. Getting rid of your anxiety, stress, or depression is just a few communication cycles away with a professional life coach.

Pranic Healing

According to current studies, Pranic Healing is showing amazing results in combating different illnesses such as depression.

Pranic healing is the ability that the body has to heal itself. There are many benefits of pranic healing:

  • Restores the mental and physical state
  • Restore the energy field of a person
  • Cleanse body from impure energy
  • Stop relapse of past problems or stress
Neuro linguistic Programming

Often referred to as NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming is the best way to rid yourself of negative energy.

With a professional NLP practitioner, you can make sure that you rid yourself of all the unwanted feelings. You can leave sadness, anxiety, and fear behind when you are ready to be assisted.

Amaal Is Your Route To Happiness

Amaal can bring back the smile on your face and make sure that you are filled with positive energy. You can turn your life around and make sure that you are empowered to follow your dreams.

Having helped people in different scenarios and worked with various age groups, Amaal Ghadieh is your route to happiness.


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