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5 Ways to Work on Your Spiritual Side 

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Iris is a certified dating and relationship coach. But more than that, she loves working with people that find it difficult to kill their fears and beat their comfort zones. She is a Human Design Guide, and her mission is to empower men and women on their love journey, spread positivity, give hope, guidance, and....

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How you can improve your life for the best 

Take a look at our lives. We are so caught up in our daily routines, dealing with challenges, being super busy, and always on fast-forward. 

And we forget there is another part of our existence that needs care and regular maintenance. Our souls. Keeping our souls happy and clean will positively impact the quality of our lives.

From my experience, many people, men, in particular, tend to neglect their spiritual side for several reasons 

  1. They ridicule and do not take it seriously 
  2. They are in denial
  3. Use lack of time as an excuse 
  4. Patience is missing 
  5. They don’t trust the process 

And there comes a time when problems start piling up, giving us the feeling we are drowning. Usually, these are the moments when we have a “wake-up call” and realize we can’t move forward like we used to. We need other tools or techniques to lift us and give us the strength and power we need.

I was one of the people ridiculing therapy, and people that use it didn’t trust the process and pretended I didn’t have time for this until I hit rock bottom five years ago. 

And that was my wake-up call. 

Why working on your spiritual side is one of the healthiest things you can do.

  1. You will see tremendous change and improvement in your life 
  2.  It will help you know yourself better
  3. You will become more successful and accomplished in all areas of your life. 

And like taking care of our bodies, it is essential and healthy to care for our minds and souls.

5 Ways to How to Work on Your Spiritual Side


Yourself and the Divine are a relationship that should be nurtured, developed, and grown in time.

I am not the most religious person, and I don’t attend church more than a few times a year. But when I do, I feel safe and empowered, like I can move mountains, and everything will be ok, no matter what. 

When I look up in the sky, I don’t know what it’s up there, but I have always felt since I was little that there must be a divine presence watching over us and always willing to give conditional guidance. 

I find praying is all about positive feelings, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, and hope. 

And by the way, praying is not always connected to going to the church. You can do it any time of the day, wherever you are when you feel like doing it. 


Whether you visit a therapist or a coach, I encourage you to try it. It was the best money ever spent for me, and guess what? I became a coach for relationships, dating, and sexuality.

Choosing to work with a life coach or a therapist has so many benefits, such as:

  • Boost your confidence.
  • Help you heal.
  • Find together answers and solutions.
  • Work on the love you have to give yourself.
  • Give you the guidance you are looking for and so so much more. 

Just give it a try. You won’t be sorry. 


There are different types of meditation that you can practice, from mindfulness, focused, spiritual and more.

It would be a good idea to do some research and see what the one suitable for you is.

Honestly, I don’t practice much meditation at home. And if I do is guided. However, I recently joined a community, and I go to their gatherings occasionally. And I have to tell you: it is fantastic. So relaxing and stress relieving. And a great way to detox your mind and spirit from all the clutter and negativity. 


If I don’t practice much meditation, I have been working on my visualization exercises for a few years. And I can always see incredible results. 

Visualization uses the power of the mind to create future experiences as though they have already been lived. To visualize is to sit quietly, eyes closed, picturing the thing/event/experience/dream in as much detail as possible. 

The way that visualization works are that the body believes what the brain thinks. Period. Your mind emits vibrations that lead to transformation. The more detailed you picture it, the more your body aligns with it.

Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques, especially when coupled with action! 


Intentions are synonymous with the first pulse towards a thought to move in a specific direction. When we intend to wake up early, we create an idea of the desired result, which then leads to a plan of action to achieve it. We set the alarm for 6 am instead of 8 am, and our intention led us to act following our desired outcome. 

Purposefully setting intentions daily can help you create the life you wish to live. Upon waking, take just 2 minutes to breathe deeply and set your intention for that day. 

My recommendation 

Have a balanced life where you include a little bit of spirituality. I disagree with worshiping Gods and meditating 10 hours every day. 

Of course, you are free to do whatever makes you happy, and works for you And I have no right to judge, but I am just giving an honest opinion on this platform. But I truly and sincerely believe that life should also be enjoyed and lived, and there are so many things to explore. 

Which of the above technique are you using? 

For more guidance, send me an email, and I would love to start coaching you.


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