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Skincare Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oil Blend for skin related issues such as rashes, blemishes, allergies and as well can be used for daily skincare routine as a serum

45 AED

Product Description
Skin Care Blend is a combination of Frankincense, Lavender and Tea Tree. Frankincense helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, rejuvenating and soothing to the skin. Tea Tree helps to cleanse the skin of any impurity and supports a healthy looking complexion. Lavender helps to calm the skin and soothes any skin irritations. Ingredients: Frankincense, Lavender, Tea Tree, Fractionated Coconut Oil Instructions: Take 1-2 drops and gently massage on the face and neck. Can also be used for blemishes, acne, rashes and any skin allergies. Safety Instructions: ·   Do a patch test before the application ·   Avoid contact with eyes ·   If any irritation occurs, apply any carrier oil (coconut / olive / almond)

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